Intent List 2023
The Intention: Build leverage and wealth, increase specific knowledge and abilities, meet and attract interesting people, get fit, and most importantly upskill effectively. TLDR; Become an influential, impactful, and interesting person 😎

Learning how to build

Build 7 profitable SaaS(code)/No Code projects- scale 2 to the next level (0/7)
understand marketing + dev

    Become Interesting and Influential

    Have a 500K following on Twitter(224/500K)
    Super important. #buildinpublic

    Impact 1 Million people

    Build a community
    30 podcast episodes (0/30)
    With interesting people like CEOs, futurists, and though leaders)

    Key Skill Goals

    • community building
    • growth hacking (SEO, copywriting, etc.)

    Indirect Goals

    These goals aren't receiving too much energy and attention but hopefully will come as a byproduct of my key project and skill goals.
    • Leverage social media to build a community as your moat
    • become a really awesome dev (enough to build anything you would like)

    Philosophies for 2023

    Direct Attention, Time, and Energy to High Leverage pursuits aligned with my Foundational Values, and My Life Compasses. Learn. Grow. Love. Impact. Create Wealth.
    • Antifragility: seek “upside optionality”, that is, seeking out situations that we expect have good odds of offering us opportunities. Focus more on avoiding things that don’t work than trying to find out what does work
    • Opportunity cost. Our time and money are limited. If we make a decision to do one thing we are deciding not to do some other available thing. Every minute we choose to spend on one thing is a minute unavailable to spend on other things.

    Mantras for 2023

    • Just build it out and code a lot
    • Get wealthy through profitable self-running micro business