Intent List 2022
The Intention: Build leverage and wealth, increase specific knowledge and abilities, meet and attract interesting people, get fit, and most importantly upskill effectively. TLDR; Become an influential, impactful, and interesting person 😎

Learning how to build

Build 7 profitable SaaS(code)/No Code projects- scale 2 to the next level (0/7)
understand marketing + dev

Become Interesting and Influential

Meet 100 interesting people(0/100)
And be in touch with them by providing value and even collaborate on projects.
  1. Matthew Espinoza
      • ⚡️ MEMORABLE: Builds passive income ⇒ courses/personal branding. Growth@bitperks
      • 🌟 MAIN SKILLS: Learning Enthusiast(Ultralearning), Community Building and Writing. Also Personal Branding
  1. Samson
      • 🌟 MAIN SKILLS: Coding and Startups
  1. Sigil Wen
      • 🌟 MAIN SKILLS: Focus on one thing at a time, Polymath and so much more
  1. Calix Huang
      • ⚡️ MEMORABLE: Building joinhours.com.
      • 🌟 MAIN SKILLS: Coding and Startups
  1. DigVijay Singh Rathore
      • ⚡️ MEMORABLE: Building basch.ml. focused on building impactful code
      • 🌟 MAIN SKILLS: Coding and Startups
  1. Kyler Wang
      • ⚡️ MEMORABLE: Built an teen accelerator. Focused on making impactful differences
      • 🌟 MAIN SKILLS: Building Accelerators, Team Management, Event Coordination
  1. Kevin Liu
      • ⚡️ MEMORABLE: Founder of the UpSkill Dojo - tight knit group of personal growth individuals
      • 🌟 MAIN SKILLS: execution on projects + ability to learn multiple skills
Have a 500K following on Twitter(175/500K)
Super important. #buildinpublic

Impact 1 Million people

1 newsletter post monthly (0/12)
45 podcast episodes (0/45)
With interesting people like CEOs, futurists and though leaders)
1 article on medium monthly(0/12)
Build out the learner's tribe (10K members)

Key Skill Goals

  • community building
  • podcasting
  • growth hacking (SEO, copywriting, etc.)

Indirect Goals

These are goals that aren't going to receive too much energy and attention but hopefully will come as a byproduct of my key project and skill goals.
  • Leverage social media to build a community as your moat
  • become a really awesome dev (enough to build anything you would like)

Lifestyle and Hobby Goals

Read 15 valuable books to grow the breadth of knowledge to apply and execute on (0/15)
Read 13 valuable blog posts per month

Philosophies for 2021

Direct Attention, Time, and Energy to High Leverage pursuits aligned with my Foundational Values, and My Life Compasses. Learn. Grow. Love. Impact. Create Wealth.
  • If you're not doing something, it's not because you don't have time, but it's because you're not making it a priority.
  • Demonstrate Bias Towards Action in every part of your life, meaning be impatient with action, and be patient with the results that you drive.

Mantras for 2021

  • Just build it out and code a lot
  • Get wealthy through profitable self-running micro business

    Good habits to Maintain

    Be early rising